10 Ways To Afford OR Shakespeare Fest! — Southern Oregon Showcase

Dying to see all the plays you can at the 2016 OSF? Here is how you can make it affordable on a budget!

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Have you heard of Reality?

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Recently a discussion came up about reality.  What is it?  It is what is REALLY happening opposed to what we want to be happening.  This sounds very simple.  It is very simple.  It doesn’t become much more simple.  Yet it is the root of nearly all of our frustrations, fears, anger, sadness, if it feels icky youcan bet it is because we are fighting the reality of what is around us.

I am a lover of what is, not because I’m a spiritual person, but because it hurts when I argue with reality. We can know that reality is good just as it is, because when we argue with it, we experience tension and frustration. We don’t feel natural or balanced. When we stop opposing reality, action becomes simple, fluid, kind, and fearless. – Byron Katie

This isn’t some brand new weird new age stuff here.  It is in fact the opp2012-11-20 15.53.16osite, it is the basic instinct in us to be loving and gentle and easy going.  Many of us have no clue how to even start getting towards reality because we are so wrapped up in stubbornly believing the world will bend to our superior will.  Have you ever thought that something should be other than it was?  Has it ever changed because of this thought?  Has it ever made you feel happier? More free?  No.  It has not.  I once heard someone say something that stuck with me. “I shall not should on myself.”  No say it out loud.  Oh, clever.  It is not easy, but it is possible to slowly start loving things the way they are.

~Angelic Marie Bowman






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Get outdoors for Memorial Day weekend!

At the Oregon Coast

Winter has passed and this weekend marks the time many people make their first camping trip.  What about the non-campers? Or people who don’t mind nature, but don’t really feel the need to sleep under the stars and wake up with bugs in their sleeping bags?  Or maybe you just can’t get away for a camping trip.  There are probably more reasons why people cannot go commune with nature than people actually doing it.

For all of those who would like to get out and have some fresh air, but are unable to make a big commitment like camping there are many simple alternatives.

1. Go to the park for the day.  Not all park goers, go to the park for the same reasons but they go!  So go for a bike, walk, sit, read, play, run, duck feeding adventure! 

2. Get really rugged and go hiking.  Brave the real splendor of the forest and all of its majesty by taking a hike.  Where are hiking trails around me? You might ask.  There’s an app for that.  All Trails will happily tell you where you can get your hike on.  Just imagine all those free splendid vistas waiting for your viewing pleasure!

3. Sit on your porch, or in your lawn and get a little sun.  Let’s face it you could use a sun kissed glow by now.  Take your favorite reads with you and enjoy the rays.  Heck, while you’re at it why not have a BBQ and enjoy the company of your finest friends and family?

4. Go geocaching.  Now this will solve dilemmas for those who get bored easily and want a more hands on experience.  Or people who are pirates.  Go do a little treasure hunting and have a blast!  This plan will work in rain or shine and in the real or concrete jungle.  Get the app c:geo and let the fun begin!!

5. Go to the water!  Spend some time on the beach, on the shoreline, on the water, or if it is warm enough yet, In the water. Rent a float, paddle boat, or a real boat, or one of those things where you stand and paddle yourself around.  I could look up the appropriate term, but so can you!  Then you are already half way done figuring out how and where to go and rent it! Good work!

If you have kids good news, these are things they will also enjoy (some more than others) results may vary.

Enjoy a random song about going outside.  *note I did not listen to the song and have never heard it….I probably should have but I didn’t so if it sucks I apologize, if it rules then I don’t.

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Four Stories About Disordered Eating

An interesting look into eating disorders


(TW: eating disorders, weight loss, body image.)

No woman I know has a 100 percent healthy relationship with food, with eating. Our childhoods deny us. We see the furrowed brows of our moms and our sisters; we hear the offhand comments about the women on TV or read headlines in Impact font on the magazines at the grocery checkout. Even in the most well-intentioned comments, there is a veiled threat. “You look so thin.” “I could never wear that.” “Have you lost weight?” You don’t always look this good. Careful, or you might not be able to wear that one day. You were fat before, and fat is the enemy. I’ve met many people who would say they’ve had experiences with “disordered eating”—I’m one of them. I never binged or purged, I never purposefully starved myself, but in college, eating fell by the wayside. I was depressed and overworked, and food didn’t…

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Here is 2 hours of relaxing music for you to enjoy!  Sometimes life gets tiring, seems like it has turned upside down, or is just plain out of control.  The good news is it is okay to let it go and relax a little bit.  Trust in the universe.

We often cause ourselves undue amounts of suffering because of the fact we spend vast amounts of energy trying to control others, control situations in which we have no control, or worrying about things that we really cannot change at all.

Enough noise from me, please enjoy your peaceful moment and the music!

🙂 🙂

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