10 ways to make an outdoor concert suck! — Southern Oregon Showcase

10 ways to make an outdoor concert suck! Do not, I repeat do not drink any water. Especially if the temperature is over 80 degrees. Sure you will probably start vomiting, maybe you’ll even get a horrible headache to go along with it. One thing is for sure, you will have a bad time. Forget to […]

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Here is 2 hours of relaxing music for you to enjoy!  Sometimes life gets tiring, seems like it has turned upside down, or is just plain out of control.  The good news is it is okay to let it go and relax a little bit.  Trust in the universe.

We often cause ourselves undue amounts of suffering because of the fact we spend vast amounts of energy trying to control others, control situations in which we have no control, or worrying about things that we really cannot change at all.

Enough noise from me, please enjoy your peaceful moment and the music!

🙂 🙂

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