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An article, by Rory Boland on BBC Travel, tells the story of a possible revival of Irish folk storytelling. The seanchaí were Ireland’s original storytellers, travelling from village to village to tell tales. “Reporters, entertainers and historians” rolled into one. … Listening to the seanchaí was an oral tradition that stretched back to the times […] […]

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Melody comes from late XIII century., derived from the Old French melodie which is “music, song, tune” In XII Century, from Late Latin melodia, and before then, from Greek meloidia “a singing, a chanting, choral song, a tune for lyric poetry,” from melos “song, part of song”. via 608 Melos / Song — helvetiadigital

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Places to Visit in Southern Oregon

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Why Visit the Applegate Wine Trail? from Applegate Wine Trail on Vimeo.

Southern Oregon is full of new and beautiful places to explore. If you enjoy a good glass of wine, beautiful scenery, or even just the serenity of sitting outside in peace, there are numerous different wineries for you to visit. They’re all closer than you might think.

The Applegate Wine Trail is one of those places for you to experience all of those things.

Take a day and visit some (or perhaps many) of the different wineries nestled out in the Applegate Valley. This video allows you to visually experience some of the scenery and will hopefully grow the craving to experience it first hand.

Visit the Applegate Valley Wine Trail page and find more information about what it has to offer you.

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10 Ways To Afford OR Shakespeare Fest!

Some great ideas to save like you won’t believe on tickets for OSF.

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10 Ways To Do The Oregon Shakespeare Festival Without  Stealing The Crown Jewels!

masthead-richard-ii-746x420 (1).jpg RICHARD II @ OSF

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is a world renowned nonprofit professional theatre whose season runs from February through early November. The OSF boasts two indoor stages and one outdoor Elizabethan stage! They offer over 11 plays a season; with 4 by Shakespear and 7 other by classic writers.  As well as modern and contemporary premieres!  This allows visitors to see up to 9 plays a week! The festival also offers a diverse range of experiences during the festival to all!

As we all know, these amazing plays are not free.  Like many of us who are on a budget, we would like to see as many plays as possible instead of just one. Here are 10 ways you can attend plays for much cheaper!

  1. Sign up to receive OSF’sticket specials alerts.  These specials are…

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4 Oregon Shakespeare Festival Plays

Love OSF!

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2016 Oregon Shakespeare Festival Playsmasthead-twelfth-night-746x420

The 2016 Oregon Shakespeare Festival features 11 amazing plays this season! Read on to find out about these 4 plays you can’t miss out on!  Keep in mind there are 7 other wonderful plays such as Vietgone, Roe, Hamlet, RIchard II, A Winters Tale, Timon of Athens, and The Wiz that you may read all about here.

Twelfth Night

  • February 19 – October 30, 2016
  • Angus Bowmer Theatre
  • By William Shakespeare | Directed by Christopher Liam Moore

Viola who disguises herself as a boy out of necessity finds herself in Illyria, a strange place that she feels is full of eccentric and romantic types. But trouble begins when the woman her employer sent her to woo falls for her instead! It will of course eventually be sorted out after much confusion, consternation, and consideration they explore the often contradictory matters of the heart. This  comedy by Shakespeare has been set in…

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10 ways to make an outdoor concert suck! — Southern Oregon Showcase

10 ways to make an outdoor concert suck! Do not, I repeat do not drink any water. Especially if the temperature is over 80 degrees. Sure you will probably start vomiting, maybe you’ll even get a horrible headache to go along with it. One thing is for sure, you will have a bad time. Forget to […]

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